Forteresse du pont

This is my May to August 2017 Personal School Project inspired by one of my own original D&D game environment. The goal was to create textures and materials from a dry and harsh environment and build the sceen with coherent art direction. I made most of my high poly assets in ZBrush and then baked thier Normal maps on a low poly in 3DS Max. I practiced different texturing approaches for my own personal knowledge but most of them were baked and created in Substance Painter. Everything was finaly integrated un Unreal Engine 4 with particule FX for the sand storm and cloth physics for the flags. Thank you for your comments.

Animación y VFX/Inter-Dec College | Montréal/Back


The interior scene g


The interior scene gave me the opportunity to work with different kinds of lighting in Unreal Engine 4.

Animación y VFX/Inter-Dec College | Montréal/Front


Tileable textures we

Tileable textures

Tileable textures were made out of projections from recycled high poly assets on a 2m x 2m plane. I worked the offset in Photoshop and the details in Substance Painter.

To accomplish the pr


To accomplish the project before the deadline, I chose the modular approach and recycled the assets.

Particle effects wer


Particle effects were used for the sand storm. Cloth physics on flags and wind on trees also give the scene a lively look.

Animación y VFX/Inter-Dec College | Montréal/Details


Animación y VFX/Inter-Dec College | Montréal/Top


All assets were buil


All assets were built and optimized as if it was for a real game.