Matheus Depra Gudergues

Matheus Depra Gudergues

Animación y VFX
LaSalle College Vancouver

WitchCraft VR

Virtual Reality game experience immersing the player in a magically trapped world. Players use gestures to summon spells and teleport, fighting monsters on their way. Responsabilities: - Managing the git repository and merging. - General debugging of multiple parts of the game (AI, gameplay, level, gesture system, ...) - Engineered some gameplay mechanics (dark shield, spell gesture feedback, save/load, heal, ...) - Built a Jenkins pipeline for continuous integration and build testing. - Led publishing on

Gesture system being


Gesture system being used for teleporting.

Save and heal statio

Save Point

Save and heal station effect.

Dark Shield spell be

Dark Shield

Dark Shield spell being deployed. It utilizes physics to trap enemy projectiles and to send them back when released.

Fire Level Gameplay

Gameplay of the first level of the game.

Otros créditos

Guilherme Costa, Ashlyn Gadow, Sherlock, Saharat, Kitja, Kyle, Caio, Matthew, among other team members working together on this production project.