The Birth of Hip Hop

Inspired by the book “The Gospel Of Hip Hop“ by KRS-One, this illustration has the goal of portraying the the beginning of the hip hop culture back in 1973. Considering being part of this culture, it was a little homage to the pioneers.

Highly inspired by “

The Birth of Hip Hop

Highly inspired by “The Gospel Of Hip Hop“ by KRS-One, this illustration was to illustrate the beginning of the Hip Hop culture. (from left: Grandmaster Flash, DJ Kool Herc and Afrika Bambaataa.)

All the visual eleme

The Elements

All the visual elements that compose my illustration. (from top left to bottom right: elements taken from the Bronx, New York flag/ spray paint can, representing the graffiti culture/ dj set, representing the music in the culture/ Grandmaster Flash, iconic DJ/ DJ Koll Herc, iconic DJ/ Afrika Bambaataa/ hand, representing the action of giving/ microphone, representing mcing,the lyrical part of the culture/ legs and sheet upside down, representing a divinity giving birth (literaly).