• Maxime Nadon

    Maxime Nadon

    Marketing, Publicidad y Comercio Electrónico
    LaSalle College | Montréal
  • Jena Lynne Sapinoso

    Jena Lynne Sapinoso

    Marketing, Publicidad y Comercio Electrónico
    LaSalle College | Montréal


I was able to work with Lowell, a Montreal based leather good company, as a content creator and photographer. I worked with their social media manager, and we studied which items should be featured, which elements of their Instagram posts generated the most engagement, etc. Two campaigns were created, one for the end of the fall season, and another for December. Here you will find some of the photos created for this project.

This photo was to pr

Leather Goods

This photo was to promote the brand's bags for the male target market. Around 70% of Lowell's clientele are female, and so, we created some content that would maybe be more appealing to the male gender base. We wanted to photograph some items from their menswear collection as a way to remind the potential consumers that the brand could satisfy both gender. We photographed their boutique, since it is known for it's beautiful interior design, their other leather products and some clothing apparel as well.

We wanted to feature

We wanted to feature lower priced items throughout December. Lowell is known for it's high priced leather bags, and a lot of people perceive the brand as one that might be a bit expensive. Certain pictures were created to deconstruct that idea. We tried promoting items that weren't as high priced and thus make the audience realize that Lowell has something to offer them no matter their budget.

The Mile-End neighbo

Dual Promotion

The Mile-End neighbourhood is all about community. With that in mind, we thought of creating posts about other small businesses around the store. By creating images featuring both businesses, they would then be able to post these photos on their respective social media platforms and promote each other. Les Impertinentes, a small coffee shop situated next to Lowell's boutique, was interested in the idea.

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