Story telling through cartoons

Drawing has been my passion since I was a kid. With time i moved from the paper to the digital world. I had the opportunity of working on the Journalism industry and learned to have a passion for investigating about current affairs. Its been 2 years now that I am a freelancer cartoonist for different publications and currently developing an illustration book about my own experiences in life. I believe we all have a great super power. To be able to tell things from your perspective. No one had lived the life you have, we all have great stories to tell!

I have been drawing

The faces of politics

I have been drawing for 2 years the political events that occur in my hometown Bucaramanga, Colombia. To commemorate the 2 years of doing this activity I designed this piece with the faces of the most influential politicians in my city which are responsible for all administrative decisions in Bucaramanga, good and bad, very bad.

Different matters of

North America

Different matters of North America also interest me . This image has a compilation of cartoons talking about the US, the unbalanced justice in some cases where white people ended up benefiting from their skin color at the time of receiving a sentence. Also , topics related with the PanAmerican games celebrated in Toronto last year or the visit of Mexican president Peña Nieto. These cartoons were published in Hispanic newspapers Centro News Papers (Toronto, ON) and La Opinion ( Los Angeles, USA)

A customer wanted me

Olaf and Stich

A customer wanted me to put together in one image two characters of two different movies . Stitch from Lilo & Stitch and Olaf the snowman. This was the result!