Beatriz Ariza

Culinary Arts & Restaurant Ownership student from Winter 2016 to Spring of 2018

Gastronomía/LaSalle College Vancouver/Foie Gras

Foie Gras

During my time at Ar

Seared Halibut in coconut cream with fennel salad

During my time at Art Culinary class I was exposed to amazing chefs and their recipes. One of my favorites was this incredible halibut, a dish inspired by Jean Georges

A throw back to the

First time plating- North American cuisine

A throw back to the beginning of my journey , North American class

Another throwback. M

Intro the baking

Another throwback. Mine interest for baking was always big so I was really glad to have the chance to learn more about it during my time as a culinary student.

As part of our curri

Middle East

As part of our curriculum we learn about dishes, cultures and even a bit about of the language of many countries and areas. Middle East week was an incredible opportunity to learn about delicious dishes and exotics ingredients.

Another amazing clas

Asian Cuisine

Another amazing class that I had the opportunity to take. During this class I had the chance to learn more about Japan, China, Vietnam, and many other countries from amazing Asia

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Of all of my AMAZING

Chef Neil Jamieson

Of all of my AMAZING instructors I need to thank this amazing chef. When I first started at school he was looking for volunteers to help him out with some events at school and I took this opportunity that definitely changed everything for me. He showed me a different side of cooking, inspired me by always following my dreams and it was with sadness that I saw him leaving our school to do what he told me and pursue his dreams.

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