City Branding: oPorto, Portugal

oPorto, Portugal oPorto, Portugal is considered one of the oldest cities in Europe. The city is architecturally covered with historical elements and ancient art. To increase tourism among young travellers a modern re-brand was developed to assist in identifying a historic city. The name oPorto translated, means “The Port”, the historic value of the city is signified with a macron above the “o” as oPorto is the traditional name for the city. The overall design is broken down into 4 major components; the rooster, a internal tile pattern, bridge and lastly the color. The rooster is inspired by the iconic national symbol of Portugal, referred to as the “Galo de Barcelos”. The rooster symbolizes honesty, integrity trust and honor. Inside the rooster are intricate details simulating the appearance of tile, also known as “Azulejo”. The ceramic tin glazed tile can be seen decorated throughout the entire city. oPorto is known as the city of bridges and are true landmarks of the city and is represented within the logo by the divider between the rooster and the wordmark. Finally the entire logo is made in a Navy Blue, this particular shade signified parallel traits of that of Galo de Barcelos; trust, peace, power and loyalty.

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