A Very Graphic Book

A Very Graphic Book A Very Graphic Book was developed with the objective to educate young women of their bodies, sex and the end goal of reaching orgasm. The book hopes to aid in answering any questions young women may have concerning taboo topics and empowering female sexuality. This sexual guide goes over many topics that some women might not feel comfortable discussing. Information is laid out in an unconventional way to lighten the possible tension of the reader. To convey this, bright colors and graphic illustrations were used to help support content. A retro color palette using analogous warm tones with accents of blue were used for the cover. “A Very Graphic Book” was chosen for the title, depicting vivid/explicit manner as well as expressing information using visual art; making the title a perfect fit for encompassing the ideas within this edition. Music was used as an overarching theme to develop conceptual names for the headings and subheadings. Icons were also developed with a musical motif. Within the sections of the book contrast colors were chosen to assist graphics to stand out from the copy.

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