Logo Design - And Time Apparel

and time apparel And Time Apparel is a local clothing company based in Calgary, Alberta. The aim is to develop a logo to brand their active wear for both men and women that encapsulates their mantra, “the clock stops when you do”. The owners of And Time Apparel, who are both cross fit coaches, developed the name. Trainers guide the exercise and the in the last few moments of a round “3,2,1 and time” is heard signaling the end of the exercise. The word mark is set in a slab serif specifically Museo Slab 500. And Time is set at 500 with Apparel and the slogan under the stroke is set at 300 to create harmony. The slab serif offers a geometric balance between bold serifs and thin spines. The ampersand was custom made with simple strokes and sharp edges; the result is a modern and clean look to provide a simple yet packaged logo. The slogan is set in an all caps, sans serif and tracked out to the width of the entire word mark to give a unifying look.

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Diseño Gráfico/LaSalle College Vancouver/0s15yz3heo45jrqflxfm3t0fi6xo453q
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