Kurt & Lale

Kurt & Lale is a chain of three boutique hotels located in three different locations within Turkey. Each hotel reflects a different experience and aspect of Turkey’s culture. All hotels have a unique selling point based on their location. The hotels and amenities offer the guests an insight into Turkish life. For the design, each set of hotels has a different brand identity which reflects the location through a pattern and colour. The name of the brand is in Turkish and means Wolf and Tulip, which are both the national animal and flower. The logo was designed as a combination of these two elements, with a triangular shape behind representing all three hotels. The design is minimalistic and takes on a more typographical solution, furthermore, the chosen colour palette is very simplistic. The patterns were created from the natural elements found in each location: the city, the sea and the forest.

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Diseño Gráfico/LaSalle College Vancouver/yoo7liuyxd5srtxdqjun5c6vwa8sassm