Li Ragazzo

This packaging design for the three bottles is based on the story of Pinocchio. Li Ragzzon, which means “the boy” in Italian, is a vodka from Florence, Italy. It is chosen as the theme because Pinocchio is a boy and Florence is the birthplace of Pinocchio. Three characters are used: Pinocchio, the cat, and the talking cricket. The challenge of the project is the expression of the style of Pinocchio. The woodblock style is employed because Pinocchio is originally created from a piece of wood. All the patterns are sculpted, colored, and then stamped on the packaging. In terms of the bottles, the long-bottlenecked ones are used since the bottleneck looks like Pinocchio’s growing nose when he lies. The coloring of Pinocchio is based on the same character portrayed in Disney’s 1940 animated feature film. The outer container is hand-made of wood to match the fact that Pinocchio is origi nally wood-carved by Geppetto, a woodcarver in a village near Lucca, a city is Central Italy.

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