Green Transportation

The city of Vancouver wanted to inform the public about sustainable transportation practices. The goal was to present the information in a manner that would be easy for the average person to understand and then implement. To solve this an infographic designed to convey information about green transportations using graphics, charts, numbers and minimal text. There is a focal point for each piece of information through a simple icon and hierarchy. This pamphlet has a second life and limited ink usage for a sustainable environment. For Second-life, go to the website at the top right of the pamphlet and follow the instruction to fold it into a paper flower pot.

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Diseño Gráfico/LaSalle College Vancouver/8c1vn0cwp87f5a9drk6elyfcs55rin76
Diseño Gráfico/LaSalle College Vancouver/9dj3f4dn6tiiweza484rj1fa9qc0mtbo