Justin Christensen

Justin Christensen

Animación y VFX

LaSalle College Vancouver


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Animación y VFX


Hi! My name is Justin, and I'm a Level Designer and a Quality Assurance Analyst. I moved to Vancouver to pursue my passion for games and design and turning it into a career that I can be proud of. Using the knowledge I've learned from school, I plan on making a name for myself and contributing positively to the industry. I play almost any type of genre, but some of my favorites are First Person Shooters, Platformers, and Fighting games. I love playing games competitively, and I always try to find way to improve myself in a game that I enjoy. Some of my favorite Competitive games are Overwatch, Rocket League and Fortnite. I'm always seeking to learn new things about design and the game industry. I love expanding my creativity to create dynamic levels and overall fun and memorable experience for players.

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