Illustrated Book Hagoromo is a legend, originating from Japan. The English version story was written by Grace James who was born in Japan. The story is about a fisherman who discovered a beautiful feather robe and wanted to take it home. He was about to leave when a heavenly maiden appeared and asked him to give the robe back to her. In exchange, he wanted to see her dance while wearing the robe. The maiden gladly accepted, but upon finishing the dance she vanished into a mist. The cover page is an illustration of Mt. Fuji because the pines of Miho is where the fairytale is said to have occurred. The interior design is made up of 60 pages of digital illustrations on a rice paper textured background. The texture is applied to provide a more traditional Japanese feeling to the illustrations. The colour scheme throughout of the book is subdued and complimented with coloured background ink brush strokes to further reinforce the Japanese theme of the book.

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