CASE STUDY / PACKAGING DESIGN / BRAND IDENTITY Moroccan Fables is a brand of boutique fragrances based in Rabat, Morocco. The design concept was developed and extracted from the lovebirds legend, from within the Middle Atlas mountains in Morocco. The company required a unique visual identity to attract their target customers, not just for the locals but also for many tourists who will take the products home as souvenirs. The design challenge was to both create a brand identity that represented the love of the two birds, while embracing the Morocco culture. The story is about two lovebirds that were living happily in the forest before a heavy storm came. The female bird told the male bird to go, as her wings had been cut and she could not fly anymore. However, the male bird decided to stay. He suffered injuries from the heavy storm, as he hugged his beloved inside his wings to protect her. The company wanted to share a product with the public to show that people should always believe in love, and true love will never abandon or give up.

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The final logo was


The final logo was developed and refined, and eventually composed of four elements. The drop shape was chosen to represent a drop of perfume and essential oils. At the bottom of the drop is the letter “M”, which refers to the name of the company “Moroccan”. The top of the letter “M” connects to a heart shape, which represents the love story of Morocco. A sparkle can be seen at the top of the logo, which represents the light of a candle.

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In order to connect

Packaging Solution

In order to connect with Moroccan culture, three different kinds of Moroccan shapes and rhombus patterns were used as the design elements on the packaging. The hand-drawn watercoloured birds, plants and flowers showcased the concept story of the brand.