How Many Trees You Can Save From Not Using Tissue Paper? this is a product for a cause, and the cause is "ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS" to remind people that use paper wisely. Tissue paper might be the most useful thing in our life in wiping something, or anything. From facial tissue to toilet paper, from wiping of our sweat to cleaning the dinner table, we often find this thing useful for many purposes. We consider it as just one simple thing with various uses and thus tissue paper is popular all around the world. Indeed, tissue paper is pretty useful for our daily lives, however it possibly is not the most beneficial thing to the nature. Tissue paper, like most of the papers produced by manufacturers, is made from pulp. If we track it back to the earlier stage, we know that pulp is made of chopped woods, and the woods are cut from living trees. While looking on the fact that new tissues are made of cut down trees, you might think that we can instead recycled paper to produce it. However, that’s not what most tissue paper manufacturers do, and what most consumers expect. Dr. William Yu, the founder and chief executive of World Green Organization explained. “At least 17 trees will have to be cut down and 20,000 gallons of water is contaminated in order to produce a ton of tissue paper,” he said. The consumption of tissue paper worldwide is far more than just one ton daily. Source: https://earthbuddies.net For this subject i decided to design a pattern for toilet paper and towel and make a package for it. This package remind you that each time you cutting a tissue, in fact you are cutting trees and using a lot of water. So optimize your consumption.

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Toilet paper package