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Wildflowers was Tom

Wildflowers was Tom Petty’s second solo album released in the year 1994.The album is both a praise of simple countryside life as well as a piece of encouragement for love, freedom and dream. The repeated lyrics in the album “run away” and “you belong somewhere you feel free” clearly indicates this American musician’s intention while writing these songs.

The series of design

The series of design consists some basic elements - heavy oil painting as the background, a sketch of a young man in white lines, and the album title. Each album cover is a depiction of a man wearing a big straw hat and holding a tree branch. It is easy to recognize his comfort with the environment through his smiling face. Overall, the three cover illustrations are hybrids of natural elements (flowers and leaves) and a person. This combination of elements symbolizes an intimate relationship between nature and human. However, the heavily painted background does not go well with the simple sketch. The mixture of colours may be interpreted as the complexity of human minds filled with thoughts and desires, while the designer attempts to praise the simple parts of life - the pursuit of love, dream and freedom.

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