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The design reflects

The design reflects traditional Chinese culture by incorporating ancient Chinese characters in a modern style on its label and bottle packaging. Instead of using caps, each bottle is topped with a piece of cloth and wrapped by woolen strings. The brand name is derived from a Chinese mythological hero, Shen Nong, who tastes hundreds of herbs to find the proper medicines and finally sacrifices himself for the sake of human survival. The underlying concept of the brand Shen Nong is centered on preserving and promoting traditional Chinese medicine.

Shen Nong is a local

Shen Nong is a local Chinese wine brand of traditional, homemade herbal tonics liquor with its company located in Xi’an, China – a city with over 4000 years of history. Using the influence of the city’s profound history and rich culture, the company advertises its products as natural remedies of Asia with beneficial tonics for health. This series of design showcases this company’s close connection with Chinese medicine through incorporating traditional Chinese elements in its design.

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