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The five toys are presented in packaging with notable variations of illustrations juxtaposed with related photographs, and varying color in each version. Each illustration is symbolic of the toys contained within. The difficulty of each puzzle toy from the first level of double locks to the most difficult mode of straitjacket is indicated on the back of the package with a number, from 01 for the easiest to 05 for the hardest. The back of each box also has a simple drawing of the product inside. The background has patterning using brush-styled words to represent the era of Houdini. The logo is comprised of a variation of lines that forms a wire puzzle to reflect the nature of the toys.

Houdini is a leading

Houdini is a leading company specializing in educational games and puzzles for school children. It also engages in helping children with dyslexia through providing them proper toys to play with. The brand is named after an American-Jewish illusionist and stunt performer, Harry Houdini, who is well known for his sensational escape acts.

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