The overall magazine

The overall magazine design is consistent with the style of the sketches of ancient Chinese buildings and has the same font selection. These combined elements including the old brick wall and the faded colors are symbols of a spiritual life. Because unlike modern skyscrapers, this two-story house reminds viewers of past days where life is simpler and quieter. The wooden structure of the balcony and the mottled walls indicate the history of these buildings and the town. The logotype is enclosed in a square shape to support the concept of a quadrilateral architecture (palace). The colour palette of each edition is determined by the colour of the rust on the cover. For this magazine, three covers were created and all maintains the same graphic style. Shying away from the high pace of modern life, this magazine instills a doctrine among readers to abandon the material pursuits and delving more into the spiritual world.

Vernacular is a quar

Vernacular is a quarterly published magazine focusing on the non-traditional lifestyle of home and life, designed for the “wandering free spirit”. At a certain point, vernacular was a synonym for unconventional. But nowadays, it became a much more popular word amongst the younger generation who are eager to lead a spiritual and unconventional life. Therefore, when it comes to architecture, the designer chooses the exotic buildings over modern architecture and presents them in sketches.