Sing with Everyone App_UI/UX

Sing with Everyone is a mobile app. It is a singing app where anyone in the world can sing together. The main purpose of this app is for users to record themselves singing a song and upload to share with everyone around the world. It is also a good platform for social interaction and meeting new friends. The company wants to express that the design concept of this app is made specially for young people which can fulfill their singing hobby. According to market research, people aged from 18 to 30 have the highest number of users from mobile apps and enjoys singing as a hobby. This app is mainly aiming for music lovers and young people who enjoys socializing. The design of this application uses gradient colours which imitate stage light effects. The orange and yellow gradient represent youth and vitality. The white background colour is clean and concise and the app uses a simple layout for users to navigate around easily. This app also features direct messaging for users around the world to connect with each other.

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