Raanee Spice Store_Spices Packaging

Raanee is a traditional high quality Indian-style spice shop, known for its high quality and upscale organic spices. The company required various packaging designs and wants to attract Indian customers through their own country’s long history. The branding logo was inspired by the Taj Mahal, and Raanee was inspired by the Indian word “queen”. By combining the store name and the packaging to Indian royalty, it increases the brands perceived value. The project’s product design uses elements that are unique to the Indian royal family such as the queen, the king, elephants, peacocks and historical architecture. Each icon is detailed with spices elements. Every product contains traditional Indian patterns that also incorporate aspects of the spices within the package. The spices are designed around the border of the icon to form a frame. The colour gold is used in the logo and icon to represent royalty and the background used a darker colour palette to express calmness and solemnity.

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