Dive Into Adventure_Tour Brochure Magazine

According to the statistics, young people have secured their status as leaders in travel and tourism. The demographic for the travel trend of 2017 is active and adventurous travelling. Through this travel itinerary magazine, the company aims at young daring people and adventurous travelers. This expresses the company's different travel itineraries for different customer needs to develop more forms of travel. This 14-days trip tour takes tourists to Borneo in Southeast Asia, across the state Sabah in Malaysia. This is a perfect adventure journey that takes tourists away from the city and into the forest. The local culture and wildlife brings a different adventurous experience. The basic concept of the itinerary uses Brahman ancient Bungai Terung tattoo designs. The tattoo pattern appeals to many young people and those who enjoy adventures. The overall colours chosen in green tones allow travelers to feel adventurous in a forest.

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