Naples is located on the western coast of Southern Italy. The city Naples requires city branding to help increase its tourism. The city is well known for its historic castles and wealth of museums. Naples is also famous for being the home of pizza. The tagline “A Slice of History” is used to market the city. The brand concept to promote Naples through one of their main cuisine and ancient architecture. The theme of the label includes parks, museums, castles, art galleries, churches, zoos, beaches, mountains, shopping centres and airports. Each icon is placed on every slice of pizza. There are a total of 10 pizza icons and they are combined into a full pizza. By decorating these themes on the pizzas, it can help promote Naples’s tourism, culture and cuisine. The logo consists of a centrally designed pizza and a well known castle in Naples is located behind the pizza. The logo is composed of a pizza designed in the centre with the famous Castle Nuovo positioned behind the pizza. Each slice of pizza has different theme marketing the city of Naples.

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