The Great Emperors_BOOK COVER Design

The book series is a trilogy of three of the greatest emperors of ancient China. The cover design concept was inspired by the Imperial Seal of China also known as emperor's jade seal. Each emperor in China has its own unique seal of jade which is a symbol of authority and power. Each book cover depicts an emperor and their unique jade seals. The seal is shown in the background of the book cover. Qin Shi Huang was the first emperor of China. He is represented by a dragon. Wu ZeTian was the first female to rule as an emperor. She is symbolized by a phoenix which also represents feminism in China. Genghis Khan was an emperor known to conquer most of Eurasia. An eagle represents this emperor because of the power to terrorize lands. Each of these significant animals are imprinted to each emperor’s robe, the title of the book and on the back of the book. The target buyers of the series of books are for people who wants to learn and understand more about ancient China history. In order to attract customers, the book covers are designed with traditional chinese elements.

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