Swapsy is a Vancouver-based application that connects local people by their talents so that they can trade their skills for learning purposes. With Swapsy, a user can source neighbors that match their talents and interests, select and contact the user that is the most compatible and set up a meet up to start learning and connecting. The main principle of this app design is to create a pleasant and friendly user experience that begins with an introductory tutorial. On the landing page, the user has the option to log in, register, skip the tour to access the app or decide to swipe on the slideshow to learn about the app. From the landing screen, the user will have access to the homepage that shows feature weekly videos and swipes through the categories to begin the search of other users. A discover button is provided on the menu bar in the bottom to have direct access to this function. Then, the user will be able to find the nearest swappers that match the search requirements and contact them privately to set up the first meet up. Each user has a profile on which the talents that they swap are marked by pink boxes overlaid on top of their personal pictures related to the selected talent. A plus button is provided to add more talents. The brush typeface used for the app’s name conveys the feeling of passion and dedication to a hobby. The two colors, blue and pink, are functional elements; blue is the color for active elements such as links, buttons and the menu bar, while pink is the color of the images that show all the different viewable categories. On the menu bar, a light gray is used for the second state of a button to show the location of the current screen.