Lost Tapes

Lost Tapes is a printed monthly magazine dedicated to the alternative international music scene. This September issue features the latest album “Vulnicura” by the Icelandic singer and songwriter Bjork. The logo “Lost Tapes” was designed to recreate a mix between industrial and gothic typefaces in order to express the meaning behind the name. “Lost Tapes” can be music records that are hidden in the dark, underground world, or come from past generations and were therefore lost or forgotten. The feature article is heavily dominated by the juxtapositions of the text over neon bright photos to depict the visionary style of the artist and, also, to match the style of the photo manipulation on the cover page. The watercolor splashes on the background are references to the use of strong contrasting colors found in her latest videos. These graphic elements are symbolic of the complex layers of emotions that the artist conveys in her songs.