Granville Island Way Finding System

This set of way finding pylons was created with the purpose of helping visitors find their way on Granville Island. Granville Island is one of the major tourist attractions in Vancouver. It is popular for its lively markets, restaurants, theaters and craftsmen shops. Originally an industrial site, Granville Island was renovated in the ‘70s. As a result, the island is a chaotic mix of re-purposed buildings and unplanned roads, so when visitors arrive for the first time, they have troubles navigating. Currently, Granville Island only provides a physical map and one or two information kiosks during the summer. The set of digital way finding pylons addresses this issue by providing visitors information pylons in the main locations of the island. Each pylon is made by two metal layers with a diagonal roof that prevents birds from resting on it and therefore causing dirt and damage. There is an interactive touchscreen that introduces the visitor to a user-friendly map of Granville with a legend and a you-are-here pin for a quick orientation. On the map, the main buildings are grouped into different categories by the use of distinctive colors and patterns, while facilities and services are marked by customized blue icons. The screen allows visitors to search for restaurants, studios, and shops. On the menu bar located on the ride side of the screen, visitors can click on a category and find all the listings for that section, then click on one of them to find the directions to walk to that place. For direct access to an already known location, the visitor can just type the name on the search bar.