The Bull's Cage

The Bull’s Cage is a department store dedicated to weight training accessories and equipment. The store is targeted to people that have been already training or are interested in starting training with weights. In fact, the specialty of the store is a floor equipped with a gym, where certified trainers can help customers with any needs, including setting up a personal training program. Customers can use the gym for their training sessions, or simply use the gym to test items from the store before committing to a purchase. The logo is a combination of three primary elements, a bull’s skull, a cage imposed upon its forehead, and the horns in the form of a barbell. The symbolism of the logo is the tension generated by an oppressed natural force (muscles) that has remained dormant inside of a cage (sedentary body) and is ready to be finally released through exercise. The old school blocky typeface conveys the idea of strength and solidity that are associated with weightlifting, while the grunge texture reveals the roughness and commitment that stand behind hard training sessions. A set of icons was also designed to categorize each floor of the department store for a quicker navigation.