Tea Delights

Tea Delights is the name of a cosmetic travel kit produced by NADA. that is made by hand-crafted organic products. The ingredients of each cosmetic are certified by ECOCERT to guarantee their ethical sourcing and their skin-friendly properties that minimize the risk of allergic reactions. The concept of the travel kit revolves around being respectful of the environment. The cosmetics’ packagings are made of recycled tin and can, therefore, be easily cleaned and reused, while the outer packaging is made of recycled plastic bottles. The labels are printed on 100% post-consumer paper and are printed with vegetable soy ink, which reduces the risk of airborne toxicity and facilitates their biodegradability. Each label has a distinctive color and pattern that relates to the main active ingredient (a different type of tea leaves) and is double-sided; on the back of the label, there are instructions on how to make a DIY refill.