To Myself, To Everyone, To Everything

To Myself, To Everyone, To Everything is a guide book that targets aspiring musicians and song-writers to get going with their song-writing career. The title of the book acts as a summary for topics that are talked about when writing a song. It contains point of views from an aspiring song-writer. The book also aims to make readers be aware of the vast possibilities for song inspirations and how they can be found in everything and everywhere. The aesthetics of the book is designed to be very minimal to render a casual feeling. To emphasize the minimalistic approach, all graphics are in black and white. The illustrations are hand-drawn from pen to paper, to portray the same act while writing a song. It also has a surrealistic doodling style to it to provide a visual guide for the imagination.

Diseño Gráfico/LaSalle College Vancouver/yynpu1u85j3eki2om0vs5gc6rms06agz