Pocket Yum

Pocket Yum ___ This is an app for online food ordering and delivery for people who are lacking time to go out and prefer having food at home. The name is inspired by a pocket, people put their phones into a pocket, which is very convenient and handy. The logo is composed of a shape of pocket and a fork visualizing the concept of the app being a convenient way to get food. ... Try the Prototype ___ Users can browse restaurants online and order food through the app. Once online orders have been paid, the app will notify the restaurants to proceed to make food, and a deliveryman to pick up the orders from restaurants and deliver to users. The Design of this app uses pictures and a short sentence as a combination to describe every single product in the app. The first page would be a home page to promote on sale food. There is a search bar on the top, users can search any specific restaurant by the search bar. The backward button is set on the left top corner, users can go back to the last page by clicking the button. There is the filter section on the home page to help users to filter restaurants. Once finish the filter section, the page would direct users to the restaurant list to show eligible options, users can pick whatever they like, then the page would go to the chosen restaurant menu page. At this point, the user could add any food they want to the shopping cart. When ready to pay, users need to click the cart icon to proceed to pay on the payment page. Users could go to the tracking page to track the order status after the order had been paid. If the wait is too long, and the order is not on the way to deliver, users can delete the order. ___ As for the colour, it’s using a bright orange colour to stimulate people’s visual sense and stimulate their appetite as well.