PH Aqua

PH Aqua ___ This project involves creating a set of packages for beverages. The idea of this project is coming from a doctor note and doctor suggestion, the doctor note and suggestion were composed together to interpret drinking alkaline water is good for health. ... ___ The logo is a drop of water to represent the water visually. The Name of PH Aqua is based on the research of Alkaline water, as it is all about PH volume. As for the word “Aqua” in the name, this means water in Latin. The design of the label imitates a format of a doctor description, and the layout has been simplified to avoid putting too much information onto it. Vibrant colours have been used to animate the design to weaken the clinic document feeling. There is an arrow and a meter to indicate the PH volume of the water, for consumers to notice what PH volume of the water is. ___ As for the name of the product, it uses some positive adjective words to connect with the health topic. In a bid to show the purity of the water, the label is printed on a piece of transparent paper and put on a clean plastic bottle.