Sweet Edelweiss

The project is to develop a set of food packaging to introduce the product and some interesting food culture. This Project is a series of organic, handcrafted chocolate bars, which was inspired by Swiss chocolate because Switzerland is well-known for their chocolate. ... ___ The logo is extracting from the Swiss national flower which is the Edelweiss, while the pattern of the flower has been simplified to geometric shapes to represent different shaped chocolate bars. The theme of the chocolate is about using healthy and simple ingredients. The whole design is intended to be done in minimalism to interpret the idea of simplicity. The packages embed a series of sketches to interpret the chocolate bars’ flavours. The colours of the sides are inspired by the logo’s colours. There is a total of seven colours, five colours come from the logo, the other two are based on the flavours to be picked. As for the conceptual name, it’s a combination of seven Swiss towns (because some specific ingredients are from these locations) with sounds or colours to explain the flavours. ___ There is a Swiss map on the back of the cigar band, which has different coloured landmarks to indicate the different chocolate bars’ origin.