Multiple Sclerosis Posters

This is a series of posters for the Multiple Sclerosis Society (MS), a charitable organization. These posters are designed to inform the teenage group or younger generation about the disease and expect them to call an action, go to the provided website to get to know more information. ... ___ The posters use sketches to visualize the symptoms of MS. Gears are depicted as ‘glitches’ in the human body to show how the symptoms would negatively affect someone. A head, foot, eye and mouth are used to show the common signs such as cognitive impairment, Optic neuritis, Balance/Dizziness and Dysarthria, or difficulty speaking. The captions use some casual sentences or even slang to attract teenagers’ attention, and also try to create empathy, they can easy to imagine how the symptoms would be in reality. Along with the caption, there is a description, “xxx can be a sign of MS symptoms” to express the caption, it gives hint to viewers to interpret each symptom. A small font size is used for the description to avoid letting the viewers know immediately that the posters are about MS. As for the copy, this is done to encourage the viewer to observe the posters closer and consider it, before determining what it is really about.