Olive Town

Olive Town is an artisanal bistro with its own line of speciality goods, which is all about the eco-conscious usage of materials, considering package’s second life and making the best of the earth’s resources. ... The logo represents nature and peace, and it was drawn in a cross-hatching style to relate to the hand-crafted quality of the products. Wooden texture, tactile elements and seed paper bring in the sustainable and traditional aspect of the packages. In order to cooperate with the earthy texture material, the logo is only in one grey colour, it is chosen to match up the theme of simplicity. ___ All of the containers can be recycled and reused for the use in customers kitchen. The Tea Grower’s Basket uses a green watercolour painting to convey the idea of freshness. The tea pouch packaging is designed in the shape of a Chinese dim sum, it is made from seed paper, it provides the customers with an opportunity of saving the environment. The design of the Fisher’s Tackle Box is inspired by an old advertisement: what you see is what you get. The illustration represents the food inside the box. The packaging uses a blue colour to relate to the ocean theme, and a photograph of the rippled sea scenery is used on the sides of the box to relate to the fisher’s work environment. The products’ names are inspired by the artisanal harvest of tea leaves, and the crafty labour of the fishermen.