Urban Romance Eatery

Urban Romance is an Italian eatery locally owned and operated in Vancouver that required packaging design for its various products. The client’s goals were to inspire consumers to dream about romance “Where did they meet? What did they do?” In order to convey the happiness found in their restaurant, as well as portray a sense of modern style appropriate to Vancouver. It is accomplished by visually depicting the personal story of the owner Janice, and her romantic experiences with her husband in Europe. The target market of Italian deli is people who work in the downtown area during the day, who will be looking for walk-in good food and convenience for late breakfast and lunch. The whole packages attract the younger generation. The Logo design reflects the romance of a European City. The pattern of leaves shows the outline of the bustling building, which symbolizes the contemporary Vancouver. The flower in romance emphasizes the atmosphere of their love story. The typefaces used in the logo provide a contrast between the two primary ideas.

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Diseño Gráfico/LaSalle College Vancouver/mja8p1uaskngwrj6ibk9gptu1btiawk1
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