Made by Unreal Engine 4 (Blueprint/C++) WitchCraft VR is an action adventure game where you are a mage stuck in an alternate dimension. You must figure out what happened to this world, while learning to use the powers you have gained here. Witchcraft is a school production game made by Unreal Engine 4 using Unreal Blueprint and C++ with a group of 7 programmers, 9 artists and 1 game designer, which took about 8 months to make it. I am a Gameplay and UI/UX Programmer in this project and these following features I implemented in Witchcraft. - Oculus and HTC Vive adaptation, getting user device then change the origin transform at the start scene. - Spell system by getting output from gesture system, Fireball project out a projectile, Earth Shield check raycast hit on player’s platform. - Boss skills by using behaviour tree for boss states. - UI of player and AI health management by using decal and texture lerp.

Witchcraft Gamplay