Wholesome Bohemian Village | Book Jackets

Wholesome Bohemian Living is a series of three titles, each visiting a different aspect of living a sustainable bohemian lifestyle from growing your own food to building a tiny home. The aim of the design was to provide book jackets which stand out from the crowded shelves of a bookstore. They needed to grab the attention of the viewer and provide them with an insight into the contents of the books whilst enticing them to read the synopsis. The other challenge was to create a consistent them that connects the titles and brings them together into a set. The solution was to develop background patterning elements inspired by gypsy bohemian clothing and textiles from around the world. These patterns provide a feeling of travel and freedom while at the same time creating a consistent theme throughout the set. Images relating to each individual book have been framed and composed to look like illustrations being seen through the mottled glass of a gypsy caravan window, welcoming the viewer inside and inviting them to turn the pages.

Diseño Gráfico/LaSalle College Vancouver/ayg4sdr33wo1snpjy9brbsqe0a4u9g6b