YUM! | App Design & Prototype | UI/UX

YUM! App is a working prototype for an app designed to work alongside the YUM! Cookbook. The challenge was to create an app that was an extension of the book and felt cohesive in its design and approach. The app needed to be simple to use for small children with easy to follow navigation and recipes. The solution was to make the navigation as simple and intuitive as possible by creating 3 tab bar icons from the home page. Large images with simple words then create further navigation from inside these pages. Recipe method and ingredient lists follow the same design layout as the book with illustrated directions and simple words. Making it easy for big and small kids to cook a healthy yummy meal or snack. Icon chosen for the app is the Y from the book title as it is bright, simple and large which makes it easily recognizable to small eyes. The app brings a sense of fun to the table with options to keep track of the recipes you have made and love your favourites so they are easy to find for next time. TRY IT OUT! https://invis.io/W3JX48S5DMA

Diseño Gráfico/LaSalle College Vancouver/62uhvvyhytdx745rypr7zs739um32otf