Celestial Spud | Beverage Packaging

Celestial Spud Distillery is a Potato Vodka Distillery located in the South West region of Western Australia that required labels for their new product line. The distillery farms their own potatoes on site using biodynamic farming methods which focuses on the idea of working with the planet and enriching the soil through planting, harvesting and fertilizing with the moon and astrological cycles. The Bush Tucker Series labels take inspiration from the traditional dot painting artwork of the Australian Aboriginal People. Illustrations of the Luna cycle from crescent to full moon with the fruit used to flavour the vodka incorporated to differentiate each product. Keeping with the concept of biodynamic farming and the connection to the universe, astrological constellation groups are shown in the background. These constellations relate to the elements of earth, air, fire and water which influence the planting and harvesting of the potatoes. The equilateral triangle used to house the Luna cycle and typography is the same from all sides and represents the constant flow of the planet. Earthy tones are combined with the colours of the fruits to create a unique colour pallet.