The Three Olympians Hotel Company

The Three Olympians Hotel Company is a conceptually designed boutique hotel line project. The project consisted of creating an identification for a main hotel, two sub brand hotels, as well as their amenities. Each hotel was placed within a country that had many famous Olympians from the location. Therefore the concept statement of “Release Your Inner Olympian” was created. To connect to the concept, the colours used in the logos and design were inspired by the colours of the Olympic medals won by athletes. The names of the hotels were based off of Olympians from the specific country to motivate guests at the hotel. Each hotel logo had a type of house based on the architecture of buildings within their country, as well a different style of snowflake connecting to the fact that the hotels are ski lodges. The hotel amenities icons were various designs of ski poles and skis that used the same layout for continuity, but with a different icon that represented their respective location. The names of the ski shops were based off of famous ski mountains while the pubs were named after types of skiing. For the packaging applications, vintage skiing photographs were combined with the Olympic medal colours to create contrast. The photographs were chosen to represent the history of skiing and how anybody could become one, which would link back to the concept statement.  

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