The Progression of Time

The Progression of Time is a book set conceptually published by Harper Collins Publishers. A theme was required that would connect the books within the set together. The concept statement “Witness a Refinement Throughout The Eras” was chosen, as each book talked in depth of the advancement of technology through time. To help the appearance of the books feel like a collection, a repeating grid of graphics was used across the set of books which had slight differences such as icon choice based on the topic of each book. The subjects of the book set were not very exciting, so a dazzling colour palette was used across the book jackets to help draw attention to them through attractive hue combinations. The outer container was intended to have a modern, high end appearance therefore dynamic graphics were used on a black background to give off that feeling.

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Diseño Gráfico/LaSalle College Vancouver/ci5i6gi8b0863ts3kxkebss1bzs3gjoq