Bibliocat: Children's Learning Centre

Branding & Illustration & Website Design Bibliocat is a local children’s learning centre located in Granville Island. Bibliocat hosts fun and unique workshops to involve children in the art of story-telling. The target audience are parents of children around the age of six to ten, who want their children to develop a new hobby that is both fun and educational. The logo incorporates the features of a studious cat holding a book. The brand colours feature soft and calming colours to further convey the friendly and welcoming feeling of the learning centre. Both the logo and the name of the centre are based of off the owner’s real-life cat, “Biblio”, who roams around freely within the learning centre to accompany children on their adventures. He is also the learning centre’s very own mascot character. The brand icons and patterns are rounded, and are of items that relate to learning and story-telling. A set of messaging app stickers that feature Biblio himself have been illustrated and put up for sale as well, to promote the learning centre through mobile platforms. All funds collected from sticker sales go to supporting the learning centre and RAPS Cat Sanctuary. Check out Bibliocat's website here: Check out Bibliocat on the LINE Sticker Store here:

Bibliocat's Branding

Branding Stationery

Bibliocat's Branding Stationery