Le Mas de Provence

My artwork "Le Mas de Provence" is exploring the integration of the architectural heritage of the South of France with the current need of modernism in architecture. My perspective is very personal due to my own experience of growing up in this environment and the knowledge I have on the current situation. Through my work, I want to raise awareness on the current issue related to the conservation of cultural heritage. The purpose behind my concept is to show the impact of architecture on the environment surrounding it, and how it is important to take it into account. My creation Le Mas de Provence is built with traditional and modern aesthetics. The main idea behind my concept is to show how through time architectural style evolves without acknowledging the environment surrounding the architecture, which loses its charm and neglects the history of the place. I created a document explaining my vision of conservation in architecture, almost like a manifesto. The text gives a concrete explanation of my model. I am challenging the ideology that society is trying to enforce regarding what is considered to be beautiful and acceptable in architecture. In my concept, I am conserving and restoring the historical style of the architecture of the South of France.