This is a bracelet. I think it shows the ocean. I want to use different blues to show the level of the ocean. The shape of my work is because the ocean accounts for 71% of the Earth's area and surrounds the land. I use paper to do that and surface pattern with resin blending pigment. My work is designed to be open, just open the opening and then buckle it. The ocean symbolizes the power, the power of life, passion and mystery, a large number of resources, the ultimate purification plant for global pollutants and random risks. So far, only 5% of the seabed that humans have explored, and 95% of the seabed of the sea is unknown.

Diseño de Joyas/LaSalle College Vancouver/jcr10u32n2bcq6mqxcccl71gk7wtk5nx
Diseño de Joyas/LaSalle College Vancouver/oh15hauyhvl9wojif1n91bdjxeiu3fmb
Diseño de Joyas/LaSalle College Vancouver/687cs03y5176iu8f9df7xf08i8rntpzn