Reginia Anzela

Reginia Anzela

Diseño de Moda
LCI Melbourne

Ambiguity 2015

Ambiguity is an interpretation of how society tends to group one thing or the other into one classification while it's not particularly correct. The collection came from a mixture of subtle yet bold design, clean-cut lines combined with contrasting bold texture. Garment silhouettes are neither tight-fitting or too loose, it adapts to the body fit yet allow ease to breathe. I chose a traditional approach to produce texture and pattern through hand-knitting. I'm leading this project to also raise awareness about excessive plastic waste around us, by experimenting with recycled plastic as yarns.

Diseño de Moda/LCI Melbourne/dn0in9shje2fwxgjhz6tg0zp3fpr2pkh
Diseño de Moda/LCI Melbourne/biujkq05mencnjnl0cqdv0y6qoau13lt
Diseño de Moda/LCI Melbourne/rbt9hrlvxh28wtldpaorm746v9z81zw9
Diseño de Moda/LCI Melbourne/li2yuas72ucazdu5ogsd4owijpjoeiko

Otros créditos

Photography by Julio Vimo
Talent by Anna Valeyeva
MUA by Giovanni Nathalie MUA