karim abou shosha

karim abou shosha

Animación y VFX
Inter-Dec College | Montréal

The little house

Hello Guys, I Would like to show you my latest work on 3d max, actually i made this scene to show some of my materials that i made it before on substance designer and also tried to back to my favorite thing it's the lighting. ............. Materials : i used substance designer and painter to create all materials and i took many real photos to see how this materials will looks like in the real world. Look And Feel : i tried to use happiness color harmonies to tell my story by feeling. Lighting : lighting is always my big important part in my scene i'm always thought about the direction of that lighting and the intensity and the shadow from where it will come and the color mode also because i believe lights is everything for the artist, so i used V-ray sunlight and i put many of rim lights to try to show each part of this scene and to Separate the background and show the edges of the flowers. my tools : 3d max - zbrush - substance designer - substance painter . I hope you like it. to see full project follow me :;https://www.artstation.com/artwork/58q1kg

Animación y VFX/Inter-Dec College | Montréal/final render

final render

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