UE4: the mountains Are in you

Hello guys, i like to show you my latest work on Unreal Engine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nvqcagyOOJw actually i want to say it not easy to create this scene, it was very hard and i takes 3 week of study a lot of reference images and think about the lighting mood. when you try Simulation of nature you have to care about each smaller details each rocks each stone and everything in your scene. my lights mood it was the hard part because i tried to create skylight with a lower intensity of sunlight and how to show your horizontal with Separated layers so i create basic animation cloud and depth offset to make this feel. i hope my work touch your heart.

Animación y VFX/Inter-Dec College | Montréal/q0kexubww8wibe44fz406rv0yflr3up6
Animación y VFX/Inter-Dec College | Montréal/my93glvxchfrxbtjkk24f7jq1vn75d3l
Animación y VFX/Inter-Dec College | Montréal/d2xyqww8xmrq9p0y1na3p1j8g9e3upda
Animación y VFX/Inter-Dec College | Montréal/5afcgbjqavygw25kpgcyrmuzixcx3y6h