My mental health puzzle // Campaign

Public service announcement that raises awareness for Bipolar Disorder and informs the audience about the symptoms faced by those diagnosed. The posters are designed to draw the attention of the older generations, who tend to be more familiar with these types of puzzles but less open-minded about mental health issues. Using a nostalgic tool with a modern twist, the campaign aims to bring more attention and spread more awareness. The posters focus specifically on Type 1 Bipolar disorder, with the help of recognizable, easy to solve puzzles. These puzzles bring an element of interactivity, which would increase the likelihood of the viewer remembering and acknowledging the idea that lies behind the posters. The concept for this campaign is the portrayal of the difficulties that people who suffer from this disorder face, hence the title, “My Mental Health Puzzle.”

Diseño Gráfico/LaSalle College Vancouver/6e1lamqrgw280o87tn1hqifijpkkfjms